Thursday, July 14, 2011

Evening of Tears

Evening of Tears

Today, after swim lessons we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Nelson's
house for our monthly visit. I thought I could kill two birds with one
stone - get in a visit with them and pick up Kyle and have him spend
the night for Caleb's birthday. All was going according to plan until
AmyJo left and then Kyle started crying because his stomach started to
hurt and grandma decided that she should take him home and not have
him spend the night. That started Caleb crying. He cried for a while
as we were packing up (and, of course seeing them cry made Grandma
tear up) then they came up with a plan to have Caleb spend the night
and then they both come out to Syracuse in the morning. We called and
talked to AmyJo and it was decided that that would be ok. Then I had
two happy boys I was leaving behind but I got in the car and found a
sobbing Lydia, so sad because she was going to miss her brother so
much. She was crying again just a few minutes ago as she was going to
bed, missing her brother.

I got some tears in today too while we were watching a neat DVD that
my cousin's daughter Olivia made called, "Because Two People Fell in
Love" that traces her family through 4 generations starting with my

It will be weird waking up with no cinnamon rolls and no birthday boy
tomorrow but I'm sure he'll have fun with Kyle. I'm looking forward to
seeing my 11 year old tomorrow! Happy birthday Caleb!!

Thanks God for sensitive hearts, for joy and sorrow and the grace You
give us in each.

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