Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Camping at Lewey Lake ABCs

We got home from SC just in time for my root canal appointment at the dentist, unpacked and re-packed to go camping in the Adirondacks at Lewey Lake Campground (after a quick but sweet visit with my cousin Kasie and her family). While there we got to spend time with the Nafzigers because Lewey Lake is base camp for STEP this year. It was fun to see them. Here is our ABC list for that trip.

A- Abigail, applesauce, apples, met Annette, Adirondacks
B- beach, bees, bacon, bike rides, book, boxes, bugs, baked beans, beer bottle left behind by previous campers for our bacon grease
C- Caleb, Chris, campfire, candy, Cabela tent, Camelbacks, comfort stations (restrooms), Coleman stove, coffee, coloring books and pages
D- donuts (at VBS), dad, dry camping, date
E- Eli, Elijah (Bible stories at VBS), Ellie, empty campground
F- fish, flags, fireflies, fried potatoes, free firewood
G- Glenn, gorp, giant frying pan
H- Hannah, hot dogs, hikes, hot chocolate
I- Indian Lake, Izrael, Internet, ice cream at Stewarts
J- Jaynie, Julie, Joy, Junior Naturalist patch, jugs of milk
K- Kelty lantern
L- Lydia, Lily, Lewey Lake Campground, lakes everywhere
M- met the Millers, marshmallows, Mt Dew, maps, Mosquitos
N- Nafzigers :), Nathan Cronk, newt
O- Oreo cakesters, owls hooting around our tent
P- poor boys, pudding, pretzels, pancakes, pumps
Q- quesadillas
R- roasting marshmellows and hotdogs
S- smores, swimming, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, sharing food
T- tarps, trees, trip, turkeys and their babies
U- underarmour
V- Vacation Bible School, vacation
W- Watch Hill, water spigot nearby, woodpeckers
X- x-cellent adventures

Best part:
Glenn - spending time with Sonja and the kids, flexibility, go hiking everyday
Caleb- the summit of Watch Hill and VBS
Lydia- hiking, seeing Chris and Jaynie and the kids and meeting Annette
Hannah- spending time with our family and hanging out
Sonja- sleeping all together in a tent
Abigail- VBS

Enjoying lunch atop Watch Hill

about 8# of potatoes cooking with some onions - yum!

we used the huge frying pan we got from Grandma and Grandpa Nelson's house

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