Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ABCs of our South Carolina trip

After Glenn's test we spent a few days at home, getting some things done then, right after my ENT appointment, we headed south to visit my brother Russ, his wife Camy and their little guy Malachi in South Carolina for a few days. We had a lot of fun. We have a family tradition on our way home from vacations that we go through the ABCs and remember things for each letter so on the way home from South Carolina we did the same. (We drove home through DC on our way to stop in and visit our friends the Hahns in Philadelphia so not all of these things are from SC.) Here is our list:

A- Aunt Camy, Abigail, alligator, ants, air conditioning, Angel Tree
B- beaches, Black Market, baked beans, books, birds, Battery, big ships, buses, breeze, bacon
C- Camy,  Charleston, Chick-fil-a, Costco, Caleb, church, cookies, cake (from Camy's work), camera, Capital Building, cool buildings, crabs, chorizo, carriages
D- ducks, downtown adventures, dance party, docks, dolphins, date night, DC, Delaware (first time for all of us), digging holes, detours
E- egrets
F- Folly Beach, free samples @ Costco, fountains, family & friends, frogs, fruit, free parking, Ft McHenry Tunnel (under water)
G- Glenn, guns, Gracia, Goodwill, glass containers, great food, getting lost
H- Hannah, hot, house (got to see Russ & Camy's new one!), Hahns, homemade pasta, ham, HOV lane at 6am in DC
I- ice cream, ice cube machine, iPhone map function, Isle of Palms beach
J- Jen, jewelry, jelly fish, Jockey outlet
K- kite surfer, kites
L- Lydia, laughter, loved ones, lasagna, lizard, Lilo and Stitch, Lehigh Tunnel (under land)
M- Malachi, Magic Shell, music, Men's Bible Study, model homes
N- Nelsons, no bakes
O- ocra, octopuses, ocean, oil change, open air market
P- peaches, pralines, pool, Philadelphia, pancakes, pineapple fountain, pottery jewelry, picnic
Q- quality time
R- Russell, Reading Terminal Market, rain
S- Sullivan Island Beach, swinging on the dock, semis, sea shells, Sonja, sun burn, sun screen, sun shine, silliness, sorting pictures, Sam, shish kabobs, Stonewall Jackson Shrine, swimming, shark teeth, sprinklers, sand
T- Tootsie, Tangled, tacos, thunderstorms, taffy machine, tunnels, trains, True to the Old Flag from Librivox
U- Uncle Russ, underwater
V- Virginia
W- watermelon, Washington,DC, Washington Monument, water, walks
X- x-cellant time
Y- yogurt

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