Saturday, June 29, 2013

Five Minute Friday: In Between


We have spent a lot of our life in between. Time in between engagement and marriage, in between the births of each of our children. In between living in one location and setting up a new life in new locations.

Right now we are in between having preschoolers and having teenagers. I love this stage of parenting... everyone is independant, can come up with their own creative things to keep them occupied but they haven't started the busy schedule that is being a teen in this country.

We are also on our LAST WEEKEND of our time in between medical school and residency. Yes, Glenn started orientation a little over 2 weeks ago but he doesn't start on the floors until Monday (6:45am in surgery if you are curious, not as early as I thought he might have to be there for his first day in surgery, maybe they're starting off early). I have loved this in between time. We have made so many fun family memories. We have had so much time with Glenn. It has been great. Sure we didn't get as much school work done as we maybe should have but we had time and experiences together that were priceless - worth much more than "school."

I'm thankful for our in between times. They haven't always been easy but God teaches us a lot in our times of transition. Each stage in our lives has been part of our training for what God has next for us. His schooling isn't always easy but He is always good.


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