Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Friend

Glenn's grandpa complained to me recently that I haven't posted in a long time so I looked at my computer and discovered 2 posts that I wrote but neglected to publish from sometime in the past... here is one.

from 4/26/13


I'm new here. Being new here is kind of lonely. I have a friend here. I met her back in November at the GMHC. She doesn't live in Fort Worth. She lives in Dallas. She and her family have let us crash at her house for most of this month while we have been looking for a place to live in Fort Worth. She's moving. To India. In early June.

I am so grateful for Melissa and Cristo and their generous hospitality. I'm thankful for my first friends in the DFW area. I hope that we can go to visit them in India sometime during our second year of residency when they are at their hospital and done with language school and I'm glad that we will still be here when they come back for their first furlough. I hope that we can imitate them in many of their choices that they made through residency and beyond. Their faith and the example of their faithfulness to following God's call on their lives is a great challenge and encouragement to us.

So, I'm moving into a house in Fort Worth on Tuesday. Lord willing we will make friends. I have 


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