Tuesday, June 04, 2013

God Provided a Fridge for us

And here's a post about the fridge God provided for us in early May before we left on our most recent road adventure:

When we moved into the house we are renting we knew we were responsible for heating and air conditioning (still not sure what we are doing for either of those yet) and providing our own fridge.

Since we moved in we've been living out of a cooler and ice we've made in the chest freezer that we got from Glenn's grandparents back when Hannah was a baby.

We've been hounding craigslist and local used and new appliance stores for fridges. We ruled out buying new because we bought a new washer in Lowville and it got damaged in our move and doesn't really work right anymore. Also, the cheapest new fridge we could find was about $500 for a really small, basic fridge.

Glenn wanted to buy a fridge newer than 2002 because that is when energy star started and all fridges got more efficient after that time.

We've gone to see more fridges than I'd like to count. Most if the used appliance places were asking $200 & up for their fridges plus $40+ for delivery. Most of them were older than 2002. The cheaper ones were less than 18 cu ft.

Sunday we went to a warehouse full of used appliances and talked with a guy about buying a fridge from him for $250 plus delivery. It was an ok fridge, nothing flashy but it was 2005, supposedly, and about 20 cu ft.

While we were in the parking lot a guy from Craigslist called back about his 5 year old 24 or 26 cu ft fridge. We arranged to go see it after the kids program at church finished up. He had it posted on Craigslist for $200 but he really just wanted it out of his garage because his wife had upgraded their kitchen to stainless steel and told us "I'll let you have it for $75 if you'll just get it out of here."

So, yesterday, we took the seats out of the van, rented an appliance dolly from uhaul, and went picked up our $75 gift from God fridge.

Bonus features of the fridge:
- filtered water dispenser inside the fridge (Glenn really didn't want a through the door dispenser but had always liked the inside the fridge dispenser idea and this fridge has it. I think it's the only one we've looked at that did.)
- the plastic drawers and bins and glass shelves are easy to remove and rearrange
- there's an ice maker. This wasn't a priority for us and I'm not sure if we'll use it but it'll be nice to have if we're having a party.
- it's pretty big. I wanted at least 18 cu ft and God gave us 24 or 26.

Thanks, God, for a new to us fridge for $75. You are so generous!

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