Sunday, September 09, 2012

Flashback: Christmas Letter 2004

Today I've been going through paper. Paper is one of my biggest struggles. I found something fun that I want to put here so I could always know where it was. It is my favorite Christmas letter of all times. (Of course, I haven't written many but it is still my favorite.) I often use my blog as a record keeping place. Probably not it's intended use but... I hope someone appreciates my little trip down memory lane. I figured out how to use the scanner on my relatively new printer. I don't know how to insert a pdf so here it is in image form. If only I knew where all theses pictures of these three cute tiny little kids were. Maybe someday I will find them and insert them in this post ;)

Without further ado.... Christmas Letter 2004
Hope you enjoyed a little flashback into what life was like for us 8 years ago. I know that I did.  Some of the fonts aren't very readable on this scanned copy. It's easier to read on the pdf so if you want to actually be able to read all of this you can read it in pdf form. Hmmm. Now I want to go listen to Christmas music ;)

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