Sunday, September 16, 2012

Application Submitted.... AHHHH

As of less than an hour ago our application to residency programs was submitted. I say "our" as if we were couple matching and we are both going to be starting a residency program next summer. Ultimately we are couple matching. They pick Glenn but they get all 6 of us and we are all going to be continuing our training for what God has in store for us through our years where ever we land next.

We have spent countless hours praying, researching, editing and re-editing various parts of the application but tonight we gathered our 4 great kids around us, held hands and stood in a circle and committed the application to God trusting Him with the results of all of our work up until this point, the circle ended up being a big group hug before everyone was done praying. I am so thankful for the great kids that God has entrusted to us and their faith and trust in our Sovereign God. They are willing and excited to go where ever God has in store for us next. I am thankful that God is in control and that He has the best place for us.

As we researched some more today we added a couple of programs to our list and took a couple of programs off of our list. Not exactly sure how our interview trail is going to go. Just for fun I mapped all the places that we are applying to and, if we can interview and drive the most optimal route (with a "quick" detour to visit Glenn's sister because we've never been to her city before), we will put about 8500 miles on our van and be in the van 140 hours driving alone. Sounds like an adventure - anyone want to join us?? We've joked today, as if we don't make a big enough impact as it is with our crew, shouldn't we buy this to take on our road trip?

So now, with his application submitted, we wait for interview offers. And pray. A few future dates for those who are curious and want to pray with us:
Interview season: October - January
Match Date (when we find out where we are going for residency): March 15, 2013
Graduation Date: May 19, 2013
Residency Starts: end of June 2013

Caleb emailed me a link to this song tonight. He thinks it should be our theme song:

I'm so thankful that the Author of our lives has His eye on us and that He has a part for us to play in this great adventure. Looking forward to finding out what our next roles are :)

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