Saturday, March 31, 2007

March in Pictures

Since it is the last day of March and I just downloaded our pictures to our computer I thought that it would be fun to put some of our pictures from this month on our blog so others could see some of the fun that we got into. Caleb is really enjoying reading and he likes to read to us. Here he is reading Go, Dog, Go to us on his bed.
Kyle turned 6 this month and we were invited to his birthday dinner of hot dogs and vegetable lomein. It was fun. Caleb and Kyle continue to be best friends and love to play together whenever they can. They are shown here with Kyle's new Nerf dart gun set. Caleb got to go away for the weekend with the Nelsons to Ehren's basketball tourament in Oswego. He was excited because he got to stay at a hotel and go swimming.One exciting thing that we have just discovered since it is lighter later is that Dollar General, next door closes at 6pm on Sundays. They have a nice parking lot that isn't used after it is closed so we are going to use it to ride our bikes on. It was fun riding our bikes for the first time this spring.
In math lately we have been working on fractions. For one of his lessons he had to read a peanut butter cookie recipe and follow it. He was so excited! He's pictured here enjoying the first fruits of his labor.
Every Tuesday, after Bible study at the rec center we go to the laundry mat to do our laundry. While our clothes are washing we head over to the library and check out books. This week Hannah picked out a really cute book called Fancy Nancy (a must read for any little girl that likes to dress up) about a little girl who likes to dress up fancy and tries to teach her family how to dress fancy too. We all had to dress up like Fancy Nancy out of our dress up bins.
And last, but not least a smile from our Cracker. We decided God gave us Abigail because he knew we needed to laugh more. All of our kids are such a delight!
March has been a big month for studying for the MCAT which Glenn will be taking April 16. We have also been busy with homeschooling, visiting friends, getting over colds, and helping out some at Timber Harvester.

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