Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Flood

I flooded Palermo's tonight. If you didn't know, we live above a pizza place called Palermo's right now. I often wonder if we drive them crazy, 6 sets of feet wandering around, playing soccer, dancing, etc. up here. Well, I am sure that I annoyed them tonight. We had just put the kids to bed and Glenn asked me if I would be interested in some tea. I thought it sounded like a good idea and since the water out of the tap is so hot I decided to just get it from there rather than boiling it on the stove. I then walked back into the living/bed/dining room to give Glenn his tea options. We discussed them for a minute too long and when I walked back into the kitchen there was a flood. There had been a slow leak under the kitchen sink for a while but with a bucket we had caught it and only had to dump it once a week or so. Until today... I guess I should have boiled the water for tea on the stove. Instead I flooded Palermo's. Oops!

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