Saturday, May 05, 2007

Going in the great outdoors

We have been taking walks out back behind our place and walking around the pond. We have located a Killdeer nest, a Robin's nest and a Canadian Goose nest. We know that there are more Killdeer nests out there because there are several momma's that pretend that they have a broken wing as we walk around. Tonight we forgot the "make sure you use the facilities" message before we left. While we were out there both of the potty trained girls decided they needed to go. Glenn waited until I got there and they came running up to tell me. They then dropped their drawers right in the middle of the path. Hannah got the back of her shorts wet. I think that Lydia liked feeling the wind on her bum because she kept deciding she needed to go again and again. We finally got through to her that she needed to get off the path before undressing. She never got more than 2 feet into the weeds though. We will have to work on that. Glenn's MCAT is on Friday then we are going camping!! Can't wait. I guess today was practice for next weekend.

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