Friday, March 09, 2007

Cross Country Skis

I drank coffee too late last night so I couldn't fall asleep and I woke up really early. Maybe someday I will learn that I am getting older and caffeine does affect me. Oh well. It was a good thing though because after spending time with God it was still early and no one else was awake yet so I got dressed and went out and tried out my new to me cross country skis. :o) I haven't been cross country skiing since I was a kid and I loved it back then. A few weeks ago Glenn and I were talking and I told him I would like to try to get into it again because, after the initial investment it is cheap and fun exercise and something we could do as a family. I know I loved it as a kid! So Glenn went up and dug through the broken down barn by my dad's house where he remembered putting my family's old cross country skis when we were clearing out my parents' house. He found some and brought them home. There was only one pair of boots and they were Caleb's size. He tried it out and thought that it was great. All the other boots had been thrown away so... now we have to find boots for us. There were also a couple pair of kids skis that just strap on to whatever shoes you have on and Hannah thinks that those are pretty cool. We have been looking on ebay and craig's list for boots for Glenn and I but haven't been able to find any then Glenn found a complete set up - boots, poles and skis in the paper for $25. We went and picked them up last night and they fit me - yeah! It is a good thing that it was a complete setup because the boots are solamon style wouldn't have worked for the bindings on our skis which are 3 hole 75mm style. I got to ski for about 45 minutes this morning just around the pond out back. It was so fun! I am going to hurt later though I am sure because I haven't used some of those muscles in a while. I am excited that I can ski now! I am glad I could try it out today because tomorrow it is supposed to rain and I am afraid our snow will be all gone. There is always next year. (provided we live somewhere where there is snow ;o))

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