Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lydia's 3 Years Old!

Our kids get Bob and Larry cakes for their 3rd birthday and Lydia was no exception! She has been saying "My birthday coming up soon!" ever since Christmas because she knows that her birthday is the next one after Jesus' birthday. She has been picking out random items at every store we have gone to and saying "Me want that for my birthday." We celebrated Lydia's birthday on Sunday afternoon with a birthday party at Paul and AmyJo's house. The party was also to celebrate Sonja's brother Russell's graduation from his Masters. Lydia had fun playing with cousins and eating Cheesy Puffs. She loved her Bob and Larry cakes and practiced blowing out candles all afternoon whenever she saw one lit anywhere. We also went sledding down Grandpa Roger's driveway and had a tea party with Lydia's new princess tea set. On Monday, her actual birthday, she opened presents after her birthday supper of hot dogs and bread and cheese fondue. The three girls are showing off their new sweatshirts from Grandma and Grandpa Maas and Caleb has on his that he got from them at Christmas time. They are excited to have pink hoodies to wear together! Lydia, our "Pixie Dust," had a very fun birthday and is excited to be 3!
I am also including a picture of Hannah and Lydia as flower girls from Dan and Laura Kilpatrick's wedding on the 17th. Hannah was giving Lydia a little hug and pep talk before walking down the aisle. They were cute and did a great job.

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