Friday, July 06, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Story

It's Friday. Gotta write for 5 minutes quick before I head to bed. The word for today is:



If you would have given me a book of the story of my life 15 years ago I would have read the first part with interest thinking, "This is me," and "Oh, I remember that!" and "Oh, I'd forgotten all about that!!"

As I would have kept reading though I would have laughed. The things coming out of my mouth would have been more along the lines of:
"No way! That could never happen!"
"I'm going to have kids?? And homeschool them??"
"Mom is not going to die before dad. That will definitely not happen. She takes better care of herself than he does!"
"Of course, I know that this is not really a story about me but how many times is this girl going to end up homeless?? And is God really going to provide for them in those circumstances??"
"Why on earth would they do that??"

You see, the story of the last 15 years of my life are not how I would have imagined them. There have been many twists and turns that I never would have foreseen. I think that there is a reason why God doesn't give us a script what is going to happen in our life for us to preview. For one thing I am sure that we wouldn't believe it if we read it. For another thing I am sure that I would have cowered in fear and avoided a lot of things that God has used in my life for my good and His glory that I would never have allowed myself to go through had I known it was coming. He is good all the time and He knows what is best. I am thankful that He can see the big picture and I am also VERY thankful that I can not. He gives me what I need for the moment and I can trust Him that He will continue to do so, come what may.


Edited to add: If you want to read about some of the story of the last 15 years you can read the middle part of this really long blog post from a little over 2 years ago.

I encourage you to write about "Story" for 5 minutes then link up with the Gypsy Mama and read others thoughts on "story." You will be blessed and encouraged I am sure.

Five Minute Friday

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