Friday, December 16, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Connected

It's Friday again and I get to write for only 5 minutes on something. Today's word is "Connected." If you'd like to join me click the link.


I have a hard time sometimes getting connected and wanting to get connected. It is something that I want to learn how to do better, quicker. Deep relationships are not built over night and that is hard when we move which is happening again soon.

Often we get connected to people through church. In Rochester we got connected quickly through our small group at Northridge Church. I know that is how God provided for us also when we first moved to Syracuse and soon became homeless. People from church, both here and in Rochester, gave us places to sleep. I've also gotten connected through homeschooling yahoo groups, finding out what is going on in the area to get involved.

I resist getting connected. We are built for relationships but I know how hard it is to say good bye and so I fear even saying hello.

I read recently on another blog of a woman who moves often her say that there is always people who cry over her boxes when she moves.


Oh, there is so much more to say but that was my 5 minutes. Maybe I'll continue this more another day... I'm going to go connect with my husband and kids.

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