Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day! (I miss you Dad)

I know, Memorial Day should make me think of our soldiers and veterans who have served our country so well and have worked to help us get and keep the freedoms that we so enjoy, and I am thankful for them but Memorial Day always makes me think of my Dad and Waterloo, NY.

Roger Nelson was born on May 30, 1950 and was raised in Waterloo, NY, the birthplace of Memorial Day. He loved having his birthday on Memorial Day because Waterloo always had a parade "for his birthday." I think that he would have joked around that this year (since Memorial Day falls on a Monday) the rest of the country would actually be celebrating Memorial Day on the right day. He loved Waterloo ("Birthplace of Memorial Day and Elsie the Cow" he'd say).

Three years ago today he was at the Memorial Day parade with a few of his Gideon friends giving out New Testaments. Many people told me that they saw him there and had little chats with him that meant a lot to them, many of whom hadn't seen him or chatted with him in months or years. He was doing what was most important to him - giving out God's Word - on one of his favorite days of the year. I chatted with him that evening, wishing him happy birthday and he told me what a great day it had been with the parade and a picnic.

Four days later I got the call telling me that my Daddy had gone Home to Heaven. Oh, how I miss him but how glad I am for him that he no longer has to struggle with his old, broken body.

So happy birthday Dad, happy almost 3 years in heaven. Missing you makes me more homesick to get there.

Thank You God for my Dad and the example You gave me in him. He wasn't perfect but he loved You. I miss him so much. Thank You for helping me through and truly being "a Father to the father-less." Please help me to follow in his footsteps, live for You and serve You, as he did.


  1. He was an amazing man with a fabulous heart for the Lord, his family and his friends. Happy Birthday, Roger! How fabulous that you get to spend it in Heaven with Sandy!! Love and miss you!

  2. Marilyn Adler12:23 PM

    A wonderful tribute to a great man of God!

  3. Thanks Sonja for putting it so simply, i miss him greatly also. As I look at Malachi, I wonder what dad or mom would think of him. I bet they might have a memorial parade in heaven too just for the Rog Man. Happy Birthday dad! you still make me laugh and cry when I make jokes that I know I inherited from you. Thanks You Dad, for your example through the Gideon's and your favorite song "People Need the Lord" which you could never get through the first chorus without crying. Love you and Miss you! Your baby boy your pride and joy.


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