Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Trip to Vienna...

Today after we got back from running some errands (mostly trying to stay out of the house so Glenn could get his practice test done) we came home and read more of and finally finished up White Stallions of Lipizza by Marguerite Henry. We were reading it for our homeschool curriculum this year.  We have really enjoyed reading it and as we were finishing it up I was thinking about the fact that I went to Vienna back in 1999 with Tapestry, the flute ensemble I was in in college, and I remember taking pictures of horses up on top of a big building.

I quickly went over to our "pictures that need sorted" tote and grabbed out my Hungary, Austria, Slovakia pictures from that trip. It was so much fun to show the kids the pictures of the outside of the palace stables that I had taken and of a coffeeshop like Hans must have delivered bread to in his bakery cart with Rosy and of the streets of Vienna that Hans had been so familiar with driving bread from their bakery all over Vienna. It brought back so many memories.

I am so thankful for the opportunity that I had to travel in and play my flute in Europe when I was in college. I had life experiences that I never would have had any other time. I would love to take my kids back there someday. I was fun to take them there vicariously through pictures tonight though. So thankful that Glenn made me take his camera with me. The pictures I got were so much better than I would have gotten with my old camera. If I could figure out how to scan them I would post a couple of pictures here but unfortunately I haven't attempted that in several years/ since we've had this computer.

Thanks God for a trip down memory lane and for the opportunity to share more of my story with our kids.

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