Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Adventures in Homelessness Part 1

Well, I woke up Saturday morning knowing that we needed to be out of our sublet and not knowing where we were going to be sleeping that night. As the girls were sitting around the table eating breakfast they were chatting about how exciting it was and they were very excited about the prospect of sleeping in "Winnie" (our minivan). I was trusting God that He knew our needs and that He would take care of us. We set about moving more stuff to the attic and cleaning up. One of Glenn's classmates came over to lend a hand which was nice and a fun distraction for our kids. They seem to be more helpful when there is someone exciting there helping too. :) We took a break to go and check out a couple of houses up in Eastwood with a realtor but neither of them really seemed to be "the one" so we went back to the apartment to finish up. Sometime during the day my friend Bethany who I met at the Museum of Play last April and convinced me to change my life with my great home based business called and asked how I was doing and where we were staying that night. I told her I didn't know and she said that we should come and spend the night at her house in North Chili so we did. On Sunday morning we went back to North and it felt like a family reunion. How I love that church! I was so encouraged by the sermon too about Elijah in 1 Kings 17 and how God took care of him even though it wasn't safe or easy. "God often sustains us in ways that we would not anticipate" and I was challenged to pay attention to where and how He is doing it. I was also challenged by Obediah and how he was faithful where he was even though working for Ahab I am sure wasn't the easiest job in the land or exactly where he wanted to be but God used him there and I need to be faithful where God has placed me and look for opportunities to serve God where I am. In that my desire to live in the neighborhood that we just moved out grew even more because I can see lots of opportunities to share God's love with the families that we have already met there and many others that are in the area.

Monday we had fun just hanging out with Bethany's family (they have 4 kids about our kids ages) and relaxing for the day then we got to go to our small group! It was so great to get back together with them. We have missed our Monday night discussion and prayer time. It felt great to be home! Then we spent the night at our friends Chris & Miranda's new house that they hadn't closed on until after we left for Syracuse. It is beautiful! Today we are hanging out with Levi (their little boy that is Abigail's age) and meeting up with my cousins at the Museum of Play to play for the day. It should be fun.

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