Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Adventures in Homelessness Part 3

After I blogged last Sunday we heard from our realtor that the owners of the house that we had put an offer on had to talk to the bank on Monday morning to find out how much they owed on the house and that we would hear then so we decided to stay one more night at Matt and Christina's apartment with them.

On Monday we heard that the home owners still owe over $7000 more than we offered on a mortgage that they had taken out on the house after it had been given to them. We would have to offer about $10,000 more than our original offer for them to come close to clearing their debt which we can't do because shortly after moving in we would have to put $12,000 into a new roof not to mention other repairs and updates that the house really needs so we decided that it was not financially smart to increase our offer. We went to look at one other house that was available on Monday but it did not have a dining room which we would really like to have so we decided that it was not the one for us. After more consideration we decided that we wanted to check out the first house that we had gone to see with our realtor again but he was not available until Tuesday morning so Matt and Christina were gracious enough to let us stay one more night.

On Tuesday we went to see Strong again and because I was in panic mode thinking, "We really need a place to live and this might work" we made an offer on it. Glenn really wasn't fond of the house, especially the really wet basement and stone foundation that looked bulgy in some areas. After making the offer we went back to Rochester where our friends Luke and Christina had offered to let us house sit for them while they were on vacation.

On Wednesday morning we went to the movies (we love Regal's free movies in the summer!) and during the movie we got a call telling us that our offer was accepted but that the owner didn't want any nit picking afterwards so we scheduled an inspection for Thursday morning.

Up early on Thursday to go back to Syracuse for our inspection dropping our kids off at AmyJo's on the way. During the inspection we discovered that we disliked even more the house that we weren't really sure how it was going to work and didn't love in the first place. I think that the kicker for me was when the inspector poked between the stones in the foundation lots of dirt and sand came trickling out. He said that we would have to have it completely cleaned out and re-mortered inside and out which sounded like an expensive ordeal on a house we didn't like so we decided after the inspection to call our realtor and say no. I really shouldn't have forced Glenn into making an offer on the house in the first place but we did learn quite a bit about what to look for in houses in our $350 walk through with the house inspector. The inspector was really great and if we decide to buy a different house we will definitely use him again. After the inspection we went to the library to look for houses again online but didn't really see anything so we headed back and picked up our kids and ran back to Rochester to make dinner to take to our friends Zach and Maryellen's house. After dinner and visiting we went back to Luke and Christina's and Glenn suprised me by packing up clothes and PJs for the kids and taking them to our friends Dave and Hannah's house for the night because Friday was our 10th anniversary.

It was so nice to be able to sleep in on our anniversary. We haven't had a kid free night in several years so it was nice to spend about 16 hours kid free. (thanks so much Hannah!!) After sleeping in we went out for lunch at an Indian restaurant and then wandered the shops in Pittsford Plaza.

On Saturday we had a picnic with my friend Anita and her kids in Highland Park and ran into our friend Miss Betty. In the evening we dropped Caleb off to play with his friend Gabe and took the girls to the Museum of Play to play in air conditioning!

Sunday morning we went home to North and then had a relaxing afternoon and I worked some on lesson plans for the Caleb for the fall. My friend Sarah came over to visit in the late afternoon and we visited and played Toss Your Cookies with us.

On Monday we to Sea Breeze. Some friends from North had 5 extra tickets they weren't going to be able to use so they gave them to us and we only had to buy one for Abigail which was so nice! We had a fun day in the sun and got sun burns despite the SPF 50 we put on everyone. We had never been there before and we really liked the water rides. We stayed a little longer than we planned because on our last waterslide Glenn's glasses bounced off when Abigail's head hit his so the two waterslides that dumped into that pool were shut down while 3 lifeguards scoured the pool for them. Thankfully after about 15 minutes they were found and we were able to go home with Glenn able to see and the rides were able to be opened again. :) After leaving Sea Breeze we went to a BBQ with our small group at Eric and Racheal's house which was fun even though it was really hot!

Today we are heading to the Museum of Play for the day to meet up with some friends and then who knows. We have tickets for the Syracuse Cheifs game back in Syracuse tonight but we can stay here tonight because we don't have to be in Syracuse super early tomorrow so we may skip the game and not go back yet. We don't know. Tomorrow hopefully we'll be looking at more houses and driving around to look for rentals. Maybe we'll find a place tomorrow. Who knows? Well, I know God does.

It has been such a blessing to use Luke and Christina's house as our vacation home this week. It has made being homeless a lot easier! Starting tonight or tomorrow we'll be homeless again. Our friend Brad from our small group asks us every time he sees us "Have you started living in your van down by the river yet?" and I tell him that Syracuse doesn't have a river (at least I don't think so) but maybe we can live by the lake. We have yet to sleep in our van (besides the kids falling asleep while driving) during our homelessness but if we have to sleep in our van it will be OK. I'm excited to see what this week will bring... Glenn starts orientation, his White Coat Ceremony, etc. Still trusting our God to take care of us!

"There's a peace I've come to know
Though my heart and flesh may fail
There's an anchor for my soul
I can say "It is well" "

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