Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Anniversary... Packing... Tears

There were tears this morning as I wrote the date. Today would have been my parents 32nd wedding anniversary. I know that there is no marriage in heaven so I doubt it would be recognized by anyone but us down here. At least my dad doesn't have to go through another June 25th here without her. Yesterday my mom would have been 57. I miss them so much but I am so thankful that they don't have to deal with the physical problems that they were both having down here. It does make me homesick for heaven even more so though. One thing that makes June 24th bearable for me is that it is also Glenn's mom's birthday so at least I get to wish someone "Happy birthday." (she's not nearly as old as my mom would have been though :) - I love you mom - thanks for being such a great one - it was good talking to you yesterday morning - I wish you weren't so far away!)

Yesterday I finally really started packing. There were some tears b/c I am not sure when I will see this stuff again. (God is also showing me that I am too attached to my stuff!) I went through my kitchen and only packed things that I definitely want to keep and I am certain that I won't be taking with me to Dominica. It only amounted to 3 boxes so far. It was hard b/c there were small spots that usually when packing I throw dry goods into but I am not storing dry goods for 3 months - 4 years... Oh, the unknown. God is working in my heart. He is making me more OK with the idea of moving to Dominica everyday. He has shown me that I can trust Him... He will work out the details in His time and provide everything that I need when I need it. Today a friend is coming over to help me attack the kids room and Glenn is going to take the kids somewhere. Hopefully there will be good reports at the end of the day.

I have been crying a lot lately... sometimes for real reasons and sometimes I just don't know why. I have been reading through the Psalms and boy have they been a comfort. It has made me realize that: (1) it is OK to be in despair and (2) that my God is faithful and He will help me through and (3) that God is so worthy to be praised - He has done so many great things for me.

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