Sunday, January 20, 2008

Play and Why?

This week our Burb went in to get fixed after our little fender bender. Last report was that it was going to cost over $2K to get it fixed – thank God for insurance!! Glenn had Thursday and Friday off and the Burb had to go in on Thursday morning we were kind of stranded at home. The rental car seats 5 not very comfortably… but doesn’t sit 5 when 3 of them need car seats. We decided to go to the Museum of Play on Friday anyway… it is only about a mile and a half from our house so Caleb and I walked and Glenn took the girls in the rental car. It was a bit of a chilly walk as it was not supposed to get up to 30 yesterday but it wasn’t bad. It was fun to look in the windows at a slower pace up through South Wedge. There was a new visiting exhibit at the museum “Grossology.” It was pretty gross but the kids particularly liked the life size operation game and the big faucet nose guy. Here are some of our pictures. We'll get more next time we go and add them.

In other news Abigail has reached the “Why?” stage. She is always asking us “why?” at all times. It is funny. She is becoming so clear in her words! I am sure that not everyone would understand her but I am also sure that none of our other kids spoke this clear at this age! Her most famous saying lately has been “Member dat?” Usually I am not sure what she is talking about when she asks me if I remember that but it is so cute! “Member dat Mommy?” The age of the questions has begun…

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