Saturday, February 02, 2008

A busy week

This has been a busy week in the Maas household. I guess I will start with last Saturday when Glenn was working and the kids and I went to the market. I love having a farmer's market that runs year round even when it is FREEZING outside. We all had on our snow pants because we wanted to stay warm! (We should have put on a double layer of socks as well as we all got home with cold feet. Anyway, there is one stand at the market that we like to buy from and they are only there on Saturdays. To help us move faster I had Abigail in the backpack and Lydia in the umbrella stroller and Caleb, Hannah & I walked. We bought a 50 pound bag of potatoes. It is the 3rd one we have bought since we moved here. I guess we are going through lots of potatoes. We also bought 30 pounds of onions from them - small, sweet and purple. YUM! We will be eating well! We also needed fruit so we bought a huge bag of Crispin apples and a half that size container of Golden Delicious. They are very tasty. We also needed peppers but we were running low on the cash that I had set aside for the market so only bought 6. Of course on every market trip you have to buy a box of Tastykakes because they are only 50 cents so we got chocolate cupcakes with cream filling.

On Sunday after church we had most our community group over for chili which was fun. It was the first time we had really entertained more than one or two people at our house. We actually had to put the leaf in our table for the first time. The leaf is in so much better condition than the rest of the table I can tell it was not used very often by the people who had it before either!

On Monday the kids and I went to Strong Museum of Play for their Monday Kicks program introducing the new Elmo's World exhibit. There were special activities going on around the museum and we really enjoyed the girl that was there doing music and movement. We also ran into the VanHeukulems and the kids had a blast trying to get Riley to play everything with them.

On Tuesday we went to Hansen Nature Center for a 0-5ish homeschooling playgroup. The kids had fun playing with other kids even though the other kids were all 3 or under. We looked at the exhibits and took a walk and played on the playground.

Wednesday we took a walk to the library to return our books and visited Glenn at the hospital during his break.

Alright... I started this on Saturday and now it is Wednesday again... this busy week that I wrote about was last week. This week we have decided to mostly stay home besides the normal - visit the library, AWANA, etc. Glenn has his interview at U of R tomorrow so that is central on our minds. Glenn is off on Friday so if we have a good handle on school stuff and Glenn isn't too drained from his 8:15-4:30 interview day we are going to check out the Rochester Museum and Science Center.

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