Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Coffee Mate Party


On Friday night we hosted a party at our house sponsored by Coffee-Mate for their Free Flavor Friday promotion. It was a lot of fun. Coffee-Mate had sent me a heart shaped silicone muffin pan, an apron, cups, napkins, recipe cards and coupons for free creamer to give out. Including us, there were 23 people here including friends from our small group, friends from our old church, homeschool group friends, neighbors and a few of Glenn's classmates. We ate some goodies, sampled Coffee-Mate creamer in coffee and in hot cocoa and played games. It was a nice end to our week. I think everyone had a good time and even our friend that usually drinks his coffee black enjoyed trying out the flavored creamers. I'm glad we were chosen to host a party. I think that we should have parties more often, it is so much fun to have people into our home!

Note: the pictures aren't the greatest because the camera was on the wrong setting :(

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