Sunday, February 13, 2011

ABCs of our Christmas Wyoming Trip

This is long over due. We came up with this list on our way home from Wyoming 12/29-12/31/10. I am finally getting around to posting it.

Wyoming trip ABCs

A- Aunts, Animal Game, apples, Amy (she's real), Albin Baptist Church
B- Brody, Bernie, Billie, buffalo, boots (painted ones around Cheyenne), Botanical Gardens, Bonnie, Bethany, Bible
C- celebrating Christmas in Cheyenne, cowboys, cowboy boots (Sonja's), the Capital, Culvers, camo pillow, canasta, cucumber sandwiches, Chex mix, candy, Children's Garden, cousins, Chinese food, Cabela's, clear roads for most of the trip out, Cheeky Monkey Dipping Sauce, cinnamon rolls
D- Doug, Doyle, Danny, Darwin, Debbie, dots from uncle Darwin, Despicable Me, dominoes, donuts, dressing up for the Christmas Eve service, dates - G&S went out shopping kid-less a couple of times
E- eating- we did a lot of that!, Ella, ear muffs, email
F- family, fun, food, the farm (drove out there), fish egg salad
G- grandparents- Maas, Reynolds, & Nicodemus, gloves, Gabby, golf (on the computer), grandma and grandpa dates, Guadelahara
H- great aunt Helen, How to Train Your Dragon, hats from Aunt Susie, Hillsdale, Hawaiian Haystacks
I- ice cream
J- Jack, Jason, Jon, Jesus' birthday
K- Kendra, kitchen fun
L- Lander, Liverpool Rummy, Legos
M- Maases and Mitchells, monkey, museums- Messenger Museum (with guided tour by Grandpa Nic and his friend) and Wyoming State Museum, making memories, Miranda, moving cheese
N- navity set, Nicodemuses, (early) New Years party, nuts- almonds, pecans & walnuts, Natrona Ave
O- open house at Aunt Helen's, organ music
P- Powell, pressure cooker that was Glenn's great great grandma Powell's was given to us, picnic night, pictures
Q- quick trip (only 26.5 hours out!), quality time in the car
R- rest, road trip, Reynolds
S- Stephanie, Steve, surprise party for Gma and Gpa Maas's 35th anniversary, sleepover, soup night, swimming at the community pool, shrimp, Sebastian, Sue, spit up :), Sierra Trading Post, surplus store, Scotty's,
T- taking over the mall food court for taco Tuesday @ Taco Johns, Time Out Arcade, tickle spiders, Toy Story 3, tumbleweeds
U- uncles, Uncle Darwin's birthday party,
V- vacation from school and snow
W- Wyoming!, Wyoming Cowboys sweatshirts, White Fang, waterslide @  community pool
X- xtra time together, xtra hugs and kisses and cuddles
Y- yummy yams,
Z- zero sickness (for us Maases at least)

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