Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A Thief in the Night

I guess that this is the sequel to "A Thief in the Day" from last summer. The kids have been passing around a a stomach bug and since it was nice on Sunday we opened the windows to try to blow the germs out. Before going to bed Sunday night Glenn took extra care to make sure that the door was locked because Abigail was sleeping downstairs because she still didn't feel very good and he thought that it would be awful if someone came into house and did something to his little girl. We had closed the windows but didn't think to lock them. On Monday morning I went downstairs to start Glenn's birthday cinnamon rolls and wondered why the screen was missing on the living room window and why Glenn's hiking backpack was outside on the ground. I was still pretty sleepy but Glenn came downstairs to look around and asked "Where's the Mac? Where's our camera?" GONE! and my purse was dumped and rooted through.... Ugggg. At least we still had our cell phones this time so I called 911 right away. The scariest thing to me is that Abigail was asleep on the chair downstairs and the thief must have walked right past her. Anything could have happened to her!! So scary! The police and tactical unit came and we discovered that our camera was not taken, somehow it had stayed in my purse when the thief dumped it, that was a praise. I feel so violated again. I am so thankful that God kept Abigail safe. I don't know what I would do if something had happened to her. She didn't have any idea that someone came into our house. I am so thankful! In my unease I went to the Psalms - one of my favorites is Psalm 46 and so whenever I felt ill at ease I just said over and over again "God is my refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble." It was such a comfort. God is in control and allowed this to happen. We are thankful that it was just our laptop and not our kids. The other things that we are missing are my phone charger and Glenn's watch. Definitely not as bad as it could have been.

We were planning on heading to Syracuse to find a place to live yesterday but instead spent the day canceling credit cards, signing up for LifeLock because our tax forms with all 6 SS numbers were saved on our computer, calling pawn shops and generally feeling pretty unsafe in our home. I locked the door and windows when I was not downstairs which I never have done before. We really live in a very safe neighborhood but the lilac festival starts soon and there are people all over the park getting ready for it and I am assuming someone just took advantage of the situation. I just need to be more careful. It was an expensive lesson to learn but it could have been SO much worse! I laughed because many people told me that they hope that the next place we live is much safer and I am certain that the neighborhood we move to in Syracuse won't be nearly as safe as this one but I will be more careful. Our neighbors all told me that we need a dog. If we did have a dog I really doubt that anyone would have come into the house this time or back in August. Maybe we should get a dog but we can't commit to that unless we know that we are allowed to where ever we are living. One thing at a time.

The evening was much better. We had Hawaiian Haystacks for Glenn's birthday dinner then had our small group over for cake and ice cream and a walk in beautiful Highland Park. I am so thankful for our dear friends who are such a blessing to us!

So today... I trust God that He loves us and has good plans for us and will work all things out for His honor and glory. We lost a lot of information in losing our laptop but it is OK. We still have our kids and we are still safe in the hands of our gracious God.

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