Sunday, March 01, 2009

Unexpected Blessings

Many months ago we decided with the Bertrams, a family from our church, that we should swap babysitting for date nights since we have 4 kids and they have 3 it seemed a pretty even match. Glenn and I don't really go on dates often because of all the hassle and expense of finding someone to watch our kids, etc. Going on dates as a married couple is something that I often recommend to others as one of those "do as I say, don't do as I do" type of things. I know it is important but I have unfortunately never made it a priority. We have often discussed kid swaps with friends but have moved before we ever actually did it. Anyway, we finally got dates down on the calendar - they watched our kids last night and we will watch theirs next Saturday. That was blessing #1 - a night out to ourselves with no kids (and no mission - the last 4 times someone has watched our kids for us it was because we needed to move or buy Christmas presents or go car shopping!)

After dropping of the kids we went to Home Depot. It is fun to just wander the store with nothing that we are intending to buy but just to look and think about what would be fun to have in a house, etc. I think that it was an idea that we got from our 52 Dates for You and Your Mate by David & Claudia Arp years ago (the first one we've tried!) Then we wandered over to Staples just because we like the smell (right Grace?). We had a coupon for TGIFridays for buy one entree get one free so we headed over there next. When we got there there was an hour and 15 minute wait to get a seat. We put down our names and then wandered the mall and found jeans for the girls and a shirt for Caleb on clearance at Macy's. We were finally seated and when they brought us our orders they brought ribs for Glenn instead of the steak that he had ordered. Realizing their mistake they took them back and told us that they would "rush" a steak for Glenn. It took a while but I didn't mind because Glenn and I had a lot to talk about and when they brought us our meal they told us that the steak was on the house because it had taken so long. That was a surprise for which we were thankful but we were already getting one of our meals for free so it didn't really matter that much. A couple of minutes later the waitress came back and told us that she remembered our coupon and talked to the manager and told us that we could still use our coupon! How exciting! We figured we'd still have to pay tax or something but when the manager brought us our ticket the total was $0.00 - wow! The original bill was about $40, what a blessing! We left our waitress a tip and we left. Thank you God! We got 2 free meals and an extended time of conversation for so little! I have been struggling with wondering how God is going to work out all the details of our finances and housing, etc through medical school and this was a little hug from God telling me "Sonja, I know, I care, I will take care of you and provide for you in ways that only I can, and will bless you beyond your understanding." I am so thankful for my great and generous God who is in control and can be trusted!

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