Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring has Sprung?

Today was one of our nice "Lamb" days that we sometimes get in March in New York. I love it when they fall on a Sunday afternoon when we don't have anything scheduled and time change has already happened!

This afternoon after our Sunday afternoon naps we....

* Played outside.
* Raked our yard (it isn't as fun in the spring because you can't play in the leaves but we still made it fun and it feels nice to have the yard look better).
* Aired up the tires on our bikes.
* Took a ride around the block. Everyone enjoyed getting out their helmets and taking a ride on two wheels (well, Lydia has 4 wheels with the training wheels and Abigail has 3 on her tricycle).
* Glenn and Abigail took a trip to AutoZone and bought starter fluid and sprayed it on the air intake (I think) and the Burb started!
* Glenn took the Burb around the block.
* Generally enjoyed being outside without winter coats!

Is spring really here? It is doubtful because this is New York but days like today give me hope :)

We are now inside with the sun almost down (it is almost 8 o'clock - I DO like the time  once I have adjusted to it) and we are getting ready to eat popcorn for supper and play a game. What a great Sunday afternoon!

Our favorite parts of the afternoon:
hannah: ride my bike
Lydia: I'm glad we could go biking today and I was gooder than Abigail going biking with Daddy but I thought Abigail was funnier.
Caleb: Going on a bike ride.
Abigail: Bicycle riding.
Glenn & Sonja: Hanging out outside.

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