Monday, March 03, 2008

The Flu 2008 edition...

Or why this blog hasn't been updated in three weeks.

Well to be completely honest we have only had the flu for a little over a week now so that can't be the only reason we haven't updated it so let me think of some more excuses. Umm. Well Glenn wasn't willing to donate the time to updating the blog as he has been busy working and reading books about gardening. (We hope to have some type of garden this summer even if it is only a container garden, actually saw a pretty cool little diy hydroponic container set up yesterday while doing research.) He has also been reading books to the kids including a Dangerous Journey (which is partially reproduced on this website and gives you an idea of the great illustrations in the book don't worry I covered the scary ones for the kids.) Sonja says she didn't update it last Monday because she went to Strong Museum of Play because it was "Monday Kicks" (some sort of educational activity day) Then she went back on Tuesday because it was Lydia's birthday and they got a free ride on the train. (video footage to be posted at a later date.) On Tuesday though Caleb mostly just laid around and actually fell asleep in reading adventure land (not a good sign, refer to post title.) On Sunday we listened to a great sermon on if we don't forgive others Christ will not forgive us based on Matthew 6:14-15. On Tuesday the 19th we weren't able to update our blog as Roger Nelson, Sonja's dad, and Amy Jo and company came and visited. The kids had a lot of fun playing together and did pretty well considering it had been a while since Caleb and Kyle have gotten together.

So these are the excuses we so far have formulated for why we didn't update our blog in the last three weeks. If we think of any more we might add them and will try to add some links to pictures and video of a few of these events as well. So even if you didn't find the excuses as good ones hopefully they will give you a little idea of what we have been up to the last three weeks anyway. :-)

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