Monday, October 01, 2007

Why we like Rochester...

We have been living in Rochester for almost a month now and we just wanted to write down a list of things that we like about living in Rochester.

1. Seneca Park Zoo - This Zoo is just a couple of blocks from our church and we have decided that we are going to visit it every Wednesday before AWANA after we get our school work done because then we don't have to drive through rush hour traffic!! We got a family membership for under $50 and we had SO much fun there on our first visit.
H: There's tigers there and snow wolves and sea lions.
C: My favorite animal is the sea lion.
S: I think that everyone's favorite animals are the sea lions. We made friends with them from underground first when Puff kept chasing Hannah all around and wanting to play with her water bottle. They also performed for us from outside showing off their skills of jumping on the rocks and throwing things on the rocks.

2. Strong Museum of Play. We have heard great things about this place and we had lots of fun there. I think that it will be a great place to go and play when we get cabin fever this winter! We got a membership there too but it was not quite so cheap. We first went last Friday with the Dawleys, some of our friends from Waterloo and the kids had a ton of fun! I can't wait to take Glenn.

3. Highland Library. It is right across the street from Highland Hospital, about a block from our house. We go there every Tuesday to pick out books.

4. EMS Grand Opening. We went to the new EMS store in Pittsford. It was pretty fun and we got a free t-shirt and free BBQ - yum!

5. Highland Park. This is our new playland. It is just across the street and we go out there ever day at 10am for recess. There are so many different kinds of trees and plants and they are all labeled with what they are and when they were planted. It is so cool! There is also a Reservoir with a fountain that we like to walk around and sit by. When we walk around the park you can easily forget that we live in downtown Rochester!

6. Mt. Hope Cemetery. We have driven past this cemetery tons of times over the years but we finally walked to it yesterday (it is a long block from our house). It is so cool! Some of the gravestones and mausoleums are so amazing. There is a really old fountain that still works. I guess that there are 14.5 miles of roads throughout the 197 acre cemetery. It is all "up hills and down dales" and I know that we will go back there to explore a lot! Fredrick Douglass and Susan B Anthony are two of the famous people buried there but we haven't found their graves yet.

7. North Baptist Church. We found our new church on the AWANA website and we are glad that we did. The kids are loving AWANA and their Sunday school and junior church classes and we have really been challenged in the services and community group that we have gotten involved in.

8. 60 Second Science. We went to this free hands on science event at the Rochester Museum and Science Center on Saturday. We made ice cream, disected seeds, looked at stuff under a microscope, made paw prints, played with air and made gases, and did lots of other fun things.

9. Public Market. We had heard raves about this from Russ and Camy and we went with them a couple of weeks ago. It is a huge open market with all kinds of things for sale. The produce was amazing and at such great prices, I can't wait to go back.

10. Christian Medical & Dental Association Quarterly Breakfast. Glenn was invited to this by our friend Matt Mack. He was so glad that he went. He never would have been able to go to it had he not been living in Rochester.

11. Linden Meigs Park. This is our local playground. It is about 5 blocks away. We had a big neighborhood picnic there a couple of weeks ago that was really fun.

Here is just a start. We are so glad that we moved here. We love our apartment and our park and all the activities that we are getting involved in. We are glad that God brought us to this place for this time. We want to take in as much Rochester as we can in these 11 months that we will live here. Keep posted for more fun in Rochester events (hopefully with some pictures) to come!

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  1. Just wanted to say Hi, and I have found a great outdoor activity that you might be interested in.
    It is called letterboxing. People all over the USA have hidden rubber stamps or homemade stamps and then give clues at All of the details as to how it works are there.
    Have fun!!

    Love Linda


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