Monday, October 22, 2007

Some things we did today.

Glenn: Worked 8 hours as a PCT at Highland Hospital. Got to work on secondaries and enjoy the outdoors some with Sonja and the kids.

Sonja: Home schooled Caleb and Hannah. Went on a picnic in Highland Park. Played "Catch A Leaf". She also made yummy quesidillas for supper.

Caleb: Was schooled by mommy both educationally and in battleship. Played in the park Mom's new "catch a leaf game".

Hannah: Did school. Read her first book in school "Hot". She also played Tic-tac-toe with Caleb and Mommy.

Lydia: Played with Abigail. Visited Daddy's work before the picnic in the park.

Abigail: Played with Lydia met Felix the new baby downstairs. Went on a picnic and whined.

Funny things heard today.
Sonja: Oh, are you guys playing monkey in the middle? (keep away)
Caleb: Yeah, I am the monkey.
Lydia: And I am the Lion, Raaarrrrr!! Raaarrrrr!!

Sonja and I laughed so hard.

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