Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday School to the Extreme

So, we overslept today. Going to Church is pointless for our kids right now unless we go to Sunday School because at this point they are not getting much out of the service. We decided to do Church at home like we do when we are sick. 

God has been teaching Glenn and I a lot about faith lately and we have been seeking Him for direction in what He wants us to do, where He want us to be, etc. As we were discussing what should be our theme for today should be we both had the same thought: Abraham and faith, trusting God. 

Hannah wanted to wear a dress today so we all got dressed and they asked me what we were going to do today. I told them that Daddy and I had been praying and that God had told us we needed to pack up what we could fit into the Suburban and the Corsica and leave and He would tell us where we were going to go. We still had not taken the footlocker downstairs from unpacking for our trip to LA so I told them we needed to start packing because we had to leave. We grabbed socks and underwear, clothes for warm weather and cold weather. , not sure what the weather was like where God was sending us. Everyone was allowed to bring one toy. Glenn and I were talking about logistics and making sure everyone got involved packing what we could. I guess everything we left behind would be given away. 

To start off with Hannah kept saying, "This isn't real." Then the kids really got into it. Caleb started crying because he would be leaving Kyle. Glenn realized it had gotten a bit too intense and grabbed his Bible to read from Genesis about how God had told Abram to pack up and leave his native land, his relatives and his father's family. We talked about how we felt as we were packing up and what it required of us and how Abram must have felt. 

I don't think that the kids really understood that we weren't leaving this afternoon until after we prayed and started unpacking. Probably should have unpacked first and then would have had a better discussion with at least Caleb who was too upset to discuss much. A couple of minutes ago when we discovered our tissue box was empty Caleb was quoted as saying: "If you would have told me you was kidding then I would not have used up all those tissues." 

I don't know that this example would have worked the same in anyone else's household because we have moved so much already and our kids are kind of used to it. It was humbling to see how much the kids trust us. They didn't really like the idea of leaving and not knowing where we were going but they trusted us and God that we would take care of them and that God knew what He was doing. What an example of faith. 

Do I have that much faith? When we were figuring out what to do last spring there were many days that I was tempted to do just that, pack up the Burb and go, trusting God that He would cause us to know when to turn right and when to turn left. He brought us here. 

For how long? I don't know. 
For what reason? Some I know, some I don't. 
What's next? I have no idea but I have a God who knows and, just like our kids trust us without questioning, I can trust Him that He knows best and He will work it out for His best in our lives.

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  1. I love you! Thanks for making the Bible come alive for our grandkids!! And me! Love, Mom/Grandma


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