Saturday, May 20, 2006

New Baby Sheep

One of our kids' favorite things to do is to go and visit the sheep. About a half mile up the road is a barn that has 6 sheep and an alpaca that we take a walk to visit just about every day. Over the last few weeks 5 baby lambs have been born. Three of them have been born in the last 48 hours a set of twins and another baby whose twin died. Here the kids are pictured petting Cinnamon. She is also pictured with her mom and twin "Midnight." Lydia ran just about the whole half mile to the sheep barn today saying "See baby sheep, see baby sheep." We have to keep a more careful watch on Lydia these days when she is outside because she wants to walk and see the baby sheep by herself. Caleb caught her really close to the road running down the driveway going to "see baby sheep" yesterday.

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  1. Glenn, has anyone ever told you that Caleb looks like you?? I am sure they have, but looking at this pic I feel like I am looking at all our childhood pictures. :-)
    Love Linda


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