Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dangerous Picnics

We have been eating our lunches outside the last three days as the weather has been nice. Today, while we were eating at our picnic table, Hannah took off her shoe and told Lydia to hold still. She then proceeded to smack Lydia up the side of the head with her shoe. When Sonja asked what was going on Hannah explained that there was a bug in Lydia's hair. A bug, to Hannah, is a very good reason to use a shoe on her sister's head since she has picked up a bugaphobia from her big brother Caleb. They are improving though as they are at least willing to try and kill bugs instead of screaming and running away. Anyway, we think it should be safe for anyone to be around her even with a bug in their hair as she now knows not to use a shoe on people. :-) Hannah is listening as I read this out loud to Sonja and she just told Sonja she will try not to use a shoe on people anymore. She is a little sweetheart (just not to bugs.)


  1. Hitting someones head with a shoe because there is a bug would sound perfetly logical to my kids! :)

    It is fun to read your blog and see pics of your kids Sonja! You will have to come check out mine! :)

  2. hee hee, funny Hanna. what is your guy's new email address, I must have deleted it. Just email it to my gmail account.
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