Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Small Group

I love my small group. 

We were a part of two different awesome small groups that helped us so much through our ups and downs in Rochester. Shortly before leaving Rochester I was filmed on a video for church talking about how great small groups were and how it was the first thing we'd look for in a church when we moved for med school. I even blogged about it here.

Things didn't work out quite like we planned. First, we went to a church that did community well but didn't have small groups. Then we went to a church that did have small groups but we didn't connect with as well and didn't really get deep. Blame it on Glenn's schedule or our own unwillingness to open up, I'm not sure but small groups didn't look like they did in Rochester.

When we moved for Glenn's rural rotation I was invited to a ladies Bible study and was warned by Lynn that I'd be asked four questions and I'd need to be prepared to answer them:
- How are you doing with your husband and children?
- What temptations are you facing and how are you dealing with them?
- Are you spending time everyday in God's word and in prayer?/ What are 
you learning?
- What can we pray for about you?
It was a bit awkward at first but it was great. I grew and changed because I knew every other Tuesday night four ladies would be looking at me and asking me how I was doing and reporting in to me how they were doing. It was a very special part of our very special months there. 

Our church here doesn't do small groups. Well, I guess, technically, they do but we couldn't figure out how to get involved in one because they're through the Sunday morning Bible studies and our class thought it might be a good idea and we met once or twice a month but with everyone's schedules and the distance we all live apart it just didn't work out. 

Over the summer a fellow resident wife friend and I started talking about how being a part of a small group was something that we both really missed. We talked with a few others and it seemed a common theme so we had a brainstorm meeting about what starting a small group together might look like for us as a group of residents and spouses. 

We've been meeting for a couple months now every Monday night with 5 other couples and a single guy. We've never all been there since over half of the members are residents but it's been great. We meet as a group for the first half and break up by gender for the second and those four accountability questions from my Tuesday night group get pulled out with the ladies. 

It has been so good. I'm not really sure how I once again survived this long without a small group and I'm so thankful to be a part of one again. 

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