Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Paid Cash at Wegmans Tonight

I paid cash at Wegmans tonight. That does not make me feel comfortable. I like swiping my Wegmans card then swiping my debit card and knowing that the money is there to pay out of our checking account. That would still have been true today but I decided (after seeing that we only had $88 left in our food budget for the month of October when I put in my receipts last weekend) that I needed to go cash envelope on our food budget. (Food budget is one aspect of our budget that can change and that I can control in our budget and I have been over spending the last several months which does not do well for our budget.) I rounded up $88 in cash and stuck it in an envelope. Tonight it took a lot of will power but I did it. I reached for the cash instead of the card. My milk dates are until 11/1 so we may make it until the end of the month with that $88 (though I doubt the 4 gallons I bought will last us that long!). I am so thankful that God abundantly provides for us and that He is going to stretch that $88 because I am trusting Him to. I long to be obedient in this area, to be a good steward of what He has entrusted to us. We long to live within our means now, when our means are very limited, so that we can live below our means when we start getting a pay check in a couple of years and begin to give more and pay off our debt. It's a faith and contentment issue that He's working on in me and He is going to prove Himself faithful!

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