Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cross Country Trip ABCs

I will be blogging more about our trip and posting pictures but this is the list that the kids came up with in the lounge car somewhere between Los Angeles and Chicago.

A- Abigail, Aunt Sue, Aunt Stephanie, Aunt Kendra, apples, Amtrak 15 day pass, Aunt Billie, Adrian, airplane (at the playground), anniversary
B- Brody, Bernie, bananas, boat, Balboa Beach, buffalo, (90th) birthday party
C- Caleb, Celeste, crackers, candy, camera, Cappy's Cafe, continental breakfasts, California Zephyr, Coast Starlight, California. Creston, IA, Clarinda, IA, cards, campfire, cream can dinner, coach seats, Chicago, chalk art on a truck
D- donut holes, dad, Deborah,
E- Enoch, Elvis (dog), Emeryville
F- Fira, Friendships, Fine Reunion, FFA Building, fountains
G- G9 (my anniversary gift <3), Glenn, Grandma & Grandpa Maas, Great Grandma Maas, Grandma & Grandpa Reynolds, golf (the card game)
H- Hannah, Huntington Beach, hot dogs, hamburgers
I- In n Out Burger, interstates
J- Jack, Jade, Jennifer,
K- kites
L- Lydia, Lonna, Lane, Long Beach, Los Angeles, LAX, Lego Store
M- masses of Maases, Marlene
N- Newport Beach, Nodaway Museum
O- Oreos covered in fudge, observation car
P- Papa John's pizza, pools, Pearl, Pacific Ocean, Pacific Coast Highway, park benches
Q- Queen Mary
R- Rocky Mountains, Roxanne,
S- smores,
T- tunnels, Timber, Timothy, twelve passenger vans, traffic
U- Uncle Doug, Uncle Bernie, Uncle Mike, Uncle John, Union Stations (in Chicago & LA)
V- views, Vagabond Motel
W- waves, water
X- x-cellent adventures
Y- yacht,

It was an adventure and after 5.5 nights sleeping on a train travelling through 14 states, 4 nights sleeping at a hotel in 2 different states, 3 nights sleeping on a yacht on a pier off the Pacific, 1.5 nights sleeping on a bench outside 2 different train stations I was so ready to sleep in my own bed.

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