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*giveaway over* What's in the Bible? #4 DVD Review & GIVEAWAY!!

Phil Vischer
 Note: Giveaway details are at the bottom.

I am very excited about a new DVD series for kids from Phil Vischer, the creator of Veggie Tales called “What's in the Bible?” We were given given a copy of the 4th video “Battle for the Promise Land” to review for Tyndale. Based on the cover I wasn't all that excited about watching it but I was hooked within the first minute. I loved the bantering back and forth between the puppets and how they all helped each other learn about “housewares,” er... I mean the historical books of the Old Testament. :) The focus on this DVD was on the books of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth. There was some review of what had happened in the Pentateuch (that I am assuming were discussed in the first 3 videos) with fun songs to help remember the first 5 books of the Bible.

The first episode was part review and mostly about the book of Joshua. The favorite song of all 4 of my kids is “You can't stop a Train.” They loved the silly impossibilities that are summed up with “Standing in the way of what God is going to do will be really, really, really really not so good for you.” My 10 year old summed up what he learned in that episode by saying, “I learned that if people stand in God's way God will give them what they deserve if they won't repent, like Pharaoh died and the Canaanites died because they tried to stand in God's way.”

The second episode focused on the books of Judges and Ruth. I thought that they gave a good representation of the Cycle of Apostasy from the book of Judges. My 6 year old summed that up by saying, “I learned that they kept on bowing down to idols, then an army came, then they turned to God, then God sent a guy to rescue them, then they bowed down to idols again. It's hard to understand why they turned back to idols when they just got saved by God but it's true stories.” What a a great discussion starter with my 6 year old!

Here are some things I loved about the DVD:
* the focus on the fact that the Bible is true and helping kids to understand it.
* the focus on God's rescue plan of redemption that is tied throughout the Bible.
* it explains difficult concepts (redemption, holy, sanctified) in a way that makes sense to kids.
* “Tricky Bits with Phil” explained a difficult question in a way that made sense to everyone and left me with an “ah ha” moment.
* fun songs to help kids learn the books of the Bible. My kids have so many Veggie Tales songs memorized and I am excited to have them memorize the songs from these movies so that they can have the books of the Bible and where they are and what they are about memorized.

I think that these DVDs will be great to watch together as a family because they are great discussion starters and can be referred back to time and time again as different challenges come our way. They will also give us all a good overview of the Bible. I think these DVDs would be great to use for a neighborhood Bible club as well.

I asked each of the kids to write a review of what they thought of the DVD and my 4 year old said, “My favorite character is the pirate. It will be good to watch as a family. It is funner than Veggie Tales (if you ever watched them) because it is a Bible story about it and we have not got Bible stories ever as movies. The guy in the car didn't know the rest of the Bible and he was going to learn it through the story.”

I think that these DVDs will be a great way to learn more about the Bible and His-story as a family and to share with others to introduce them to Christ in a non-threatening means. My 8 year old summed up all of our feelings when she said, “I can't wait until the rest come out because I really want to own all of them.”

Go to and for more information.

Disclaimer: I received this DVD from Tyndale House Publishers, in exchange for my review. No other compensation was received.

GIVEAWAY DETAILS: I was given a coupon for a free copy of this DVD to give away on my blog. If you'd like a chance to win it please leave a comment below. A winner will be picked out of a hat on Sunday night 11/21/10 at 8pm EST.


  1. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Please enter us to win!

    - Liz Baer

  2. Becky Pine4:51 PM

    I Love reading your blog! You are such an encouragement to me! Please enter us to win!
    Becky Pine :)

  3. Jaime Taylor5:11 PM

    :) wow, is this one out already? I'm excited about this series as well! Here's hoping mine is the lucky one pulled from the hat! :) what a great idea!

  4. how fun you get to do a giveaway! how fun we get the chance to win! ;) LOVE reading your blogs Sonja!

  5. Kristina Lishawa5:49 PM

    Oh cool! Would love to see it! What a great review! Please enter me into the drawing!

  6. Hey Maas Family! Enter us in the drawing too =). Nan showed me part of an episode the other day - so fun!

  7. I'd love a chance at winning! Thanks for sharing this on your blog! :)

  8. Count us in! We'd love to be in your drawing. :)

  9. Wow Sonja I am amazed and in awe to watch how God has used your surrendered heart using different avenues tools and resources! I am thankful for your faithfullness and am sure others are too! My step-daughter just got baptised last week and I am currently looking for tools and resources to aide in her walk with the lord! These teaching DVDs sound perfect!

  10. Sounds like a great DVD !
    Put me in the drawing,please !

  11. I would love this!!! :)

  12. Hi Maas Family- Another thing we have in common! We LOVE these DVDs!! We actually knew when the next one was coming out and waited (quite impatiently) for the bookstore to have it at North! I have to say that the 3rd episode is my personal favorite. All the characters sing a song about the Pentatuch on a river boat. We are grateful for these DVDs and love that our 7 year old knows what Apostacy is. We also love the Bentley Brothers and we were singing the 'Judges' song on the way to school this morning.

    We feel pretty passionately about our boys learning to hide God's word in their heart. This is such a great tool to be able to do so. It gives them the big picture of what the bible does and helps them apply it to their lives.

    On a personal note- we miss you a ton. Are you visiting Rochester anytime soon? Thanks for keeping us up on what's going on in your lives. We love you! -Nan

  13. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Hey! How'd you get to do a review? I think that is very neat! Enter us for the drawing please.
    We're thinking of a east bound trip - are you guys around next week and is there a place to meet and play?

    Rebecca Chalone

  14. Sounds terrific! Thanks! I'd love to be put into the drawing! Blessings to you!

  15. I'm glad you enjoyed it =)

  16. Dephanie12:38 AM

    We miss the Maas family! Thank you for drawing my attention to resources that help grow our family - I am continually encouraged and challenged.

    And yeah for give-aways! :)


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