Saturday, January 09, 2010

Game Night

Last Sunday night we decided to play games. It is fun as the kids get older that they can play games with us that they couldn't not too long ago.

The kids got a charades game for Christmas from Glenn's Aunt Helen and we played that first. It was hilarious watching the kids act out the words or pictures on their cards. Abigail was not a good actress. She would look at her card and then stand up and just make Abigail faces at us and walk back and forth looking at us but not really doing any acting. I really don't know what to call the faces she was making but Abigail faces. If you know Abigail you know what I mean. One of the funniest charades was Caleb. He got "blackboard" so he sat down and pretended to be working on the computer. We totally did not get it so he had to tell us. "You know, "blackboard," like Daddy has to use for school." We laughed pretty hard.

We also played Skip-bo. The kids all did really well, except Abigail who was too easily distracted when not sitting right by me. Glenn lost which he didn't think was very funny.

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