Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Wonderful Trip "Home"

This weekend Glenn had Saturday and Sunday off from work so we decided to take a trip down to Houghton/ Fillmore to see some friends. Saturday night we stayed at Chris & Jaynie's which is always so much fun and had quesadillas with them and the Keelers and Eileen. After everyone else went to bed Glenn & I went and crashed the Cronks' bonfire (our first for the year) and then went to sleep smelling smoky :)

This morning we got up and walked to Fillmore Wesleyan Church. Oh, it felt so good to be "home." We lived in Houghton for less than 3 years and went to Fillmore for a little more than 2 of them but that church was, and still is, our family. I really feel that I needed this trip home. As we chatted with people and let them know where we were and what we were up to it was so encouraging! These people walked with us during our faith years when God said "Go to Houghton and trust Me to take care of you." He faithfully did and it was so encouraging to talk to people and remember. Some of our friends there had not heard about Glenn getting into medical school and they were so excited for us. When they heard that we didn't know where we were living in Syracuse yet it didn't phase them, they just knew that God was going to take care of a place for us to live just as He has so many other times before. Talking with these dear saints was so faith bolstering because they remember, when I am so quick to forget, how God came through for us last time. 

The messages were needed too. Pastor Ben talked about "Spring Cleaning" and letting God clear out the clutter and sin that so easily entangles us. I know that there is some spring cleaning that needs to be done in my heart and life and I am thankful for another challenge to get to work on it and to seek God in it.  In Sunday School they are discussing a book on the Sabbath. I hadn't really thought too much about the sabbath and practicing it myself. For most of my jobs I had always asked for Sundays off for my availability but other than going to church on Sunday mornings and the obligatory Sunday afternoon nap Sundays weren't really different than any other day. In the book the author told about living in Tel Aviv for a while and from Friday night through Saturday there was no public transportation. None of their friends drove because it was the sabbath. Nothing was open. They had no TV or computer, so what do you do when you have nothing to do? The Israelites were instructed to have a sabbath day once a week and a sabbath year every 7 years, culminating with the year of jubilee on the 50th year. It takes radical faith to trust God and not work for a year. I don't even know if they ever actually practiced the sabbath years or the year or jubilee. It takes a lot of trust but if they did practice it God would bless them and abundantly provide. The question was posed about trusting God for our daily bread as the Israelites were supposed to do on those sabbath years and I had to think about the position that we were in 6 years ago, those in the Bible study at the Waterloo Rec may recall how I struggled with going to Houghton and being asked to trust God to provide because He wasn't allowing Glenn to work for a season while he returned to school. It is scary to trust God when you have 2, soon to be 3 kids. God faithfully provided through various odd jobs and gifts and other things that He did. I know that He will do the same thing in the next 4 years when Glenn won't be able to work. I don't know all of how He is going to do it. I have some ideas of some things that He may use but I am excited to be able to testify during and after these 4 years of what God did for us. We serve and trust the same God that the Israelites trusted, the same God who faithfully provided for us in Houghton and I know that He will do it again. 

Lord, I trust You. You know where is the best place for us to live and how You are going to provide for us physically, emotionally, socially, financially, and in all kinds of other ways that we don't even know yet that we will have needs and wants. Thank You for the reminder of who You are and what You have done. I love you Lord!

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