Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving 2008

We decided that everyone had to share one thing that they are thankful for for every year that they have been alive... here are our lists from youngest to oldest accumulated on our trip home from Aunt Ruth & Uncle Jerry's house:

1.Mommy & Daddy & Lydia & Caleb & Hannah
3.My friends

1.Daddy & Momma & my sisters & brother
2.that we could play around at Aunt Ruthie's house
3.that Hannah is letting me sleep with her sometimes
4.Matt and that we gotted to go sledding with Matt

1.we got to see Kyle & Ehren
2.that yesterday was Abigail's birthday
3.that we get to see the Files tonight and Ella got to be back friends together again
6.we went sledding with Matt last year

1.God provides family
3.AWANA and church friends – Will & Drew Dudley, Levi, Gabe, Josiah, Benjamin, Hannah, Lydia, Abigail, Ehren & Kyle, Shandon,
5.Miss Emily (Sunday School teacher)
6.God's Word
7.Brian & Kristina Lishawa
8.Ben has changed
“I can't wait until I have 10!!”

1.Sonja- all her support and love for me.
2.Caleb and that he is growing spiritually and learning scripture
3.Hannah and that she is such a people lover
4.Lydia and that she is so indepentant and entertains herself well
5.Abigail, the one that makes me smile and laugh and cry sometimes, more often smile & laugh
6.That God wants me to grow and is helping me grow
7.Brian & Kristina letting us stay at their house for 2 months
8.our little house job, that I have one
11.small group parents interview at SUNY Upstate on 1/21/09
14.all of my secondaries are done
15.the Files
16.the Cronks
17.That our Suburban is still running and has been a good though gas guzzling vehicle
18.God's word
19.How God places reading material in my life that I need.
20.That Sonja has the strength and desire to homeschool our kids.
21.For the sermon series at Church on fighting fair.
22.Monroe library system
23.That God is in control in this crazy world
24.Friends that let us mooch wireless
25.I can walk to work Mac
27.we are living more simply and finding some good deals that help us live simply
28.God will be with me this year just as He has been in years past.

1.God is faithful and keeps His promises
3.How helpful Glenn has been, especially the last few months
4.Caleb and what a great help he is with and how much he loves his sisters and his love for reading
5.Hannah and what a good helper she is and her servant's heart
6.Lydia and her love for her siblings
7.Abigail and how she makes me laugh
8.our little house and that we don't own it :)
9.that Glenn can still walk to work
10.North Baptist Church
11.our small groups – old and new and the friendships we have developed through them
12.Brian and Kristina Lishawa (who are part of both our old and new small groups :)
13.that the Lishawas let us stay at their house for 2 months
14.the right to homeschool our kids
15.God's Word and what a help and a challenge it is to me
16.the Fighting Fair series
17.getting to visit the Middle East vicariously through David Whiting's blog
18.that I will get to see my parents again someday because they trusted Christ as their Savior and I have as well
19.God is a Father to the father-less
20.facebook and how I have been able to catch up with old friends through it
21.our kids play so well together
22.Monroe County Library System – particularly having 4 libraries within 2 miles of our house
23.“He sets up kings and deposes them.”
24.I'm learning to live more simply Wegmans bags – I love those things! I have only taken home about a dozen plastic bags all year because of them! wireless at libraries, coffee shops and friends' homes. new business and especially the difference that all of the free products I have earned have made in my kitchen! blog and how writing in it has helped me and others this year.
29.God always provides for us godly heritage and the privilege of passing it on to my kids.

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