Friday, May 02, 2008

There are advantages and disadvantages to only having one vehicle!

Well, we took the Burb in to get inspected on Monday and it didn't pass because the right outer tie rod needed to be replaced. I remember when the left one blew a couple of years ago when I was driving it and we had to have it towed and it was super expensive to have it fixed because of the place it was towed to. Glenn and I have not been communicating well this week and so we had different expectations of what the other wanted and so we didn't get it fixed and didn't get it fixed. Well, the month ended on Wednesday and the Burb still wasn't fixed so yesterday on Glenn's day off he rode his bike to a car parts store and bought a tie rod. 9 miles on the bike and $50 later he was home but couldn't get the tire off because I am assuming whoever had last taken the tire off (probably after the accident - which we are wondering if it is the cause of our tie rod issue) had used some kind of power equipment to get it back on. The Burb is pretty rusty down below and we discussed the fact that if something else broke we'd have to get it towed and pay extra money to get it fixed so at 5pm I was calling people trying to see if anyone could get it in today since the place we had gone to on Monday was booked on Friday. I wanted it to be somewhere relatively close since we only have one vehicle and would have to walk or bike there and back. Thankfully one place that is pretty close thought that if we could leave it all day they would be able to get to it. My dad and brother came for a visit last night and it was fun to see them then after they left Glenn went out and replaced the license plate bulbs (the other reason it didn't pass inspection) and we drove it down to the car shop. I think that we left home at about 8:20 and made it back by 9pm. The kids had been asking if we could take a walk. I think that they were thinking more of a meander through Highland Park to see the pretty flowers, not a 1.4 mile walk back up South Ave. We did get to see interesting things that you don't notice going 35 miles per hour up South Ave which was fun though. There was only whines during the last couple of blocks and they were from Lydia who had insisted on wearing flip flops. Now, today, we get to wait for a phone call to find out how much it is going to cost. Uggg. I am praying that it won't be too much and we'll be legal again by tonight. Glenn doesn't get off until 7:30 so it will be me and the kids wandering down to the car shop late this afternoon to pick it up. I guss if we did have 2 vehicles I could fit all 5 of us into a 5 seater since Caleb doesn't need a booster anymore but we would also have to pay for insurance and registration, etc on 2 vehicles so it has been nice to just have one vehicle and have Glenn walk to work this year! We'll have to wait and see what next year brings. I am really praying that we'll get a call from U of R today, before Glenn's birthday, but God may want us to wait longer. He rarely has our time frame which you may have noticed if you have been friends with us for long, but He always has our best for His glory in mind.

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