Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Family close by

The kids have loved living in Waterloo. They get to play with the infamous Kyle and Ehren and get to see other relatives quite often. I know that they will miss that whenever we move. Caleb thinks that he is so cool because he is almost as tall as Grandma Hansen. I can remember when I couldn't wait to be as tall as her too. Uncle Russ and Aunt Camy have been living just across the parking lot from us for a couple of weeks before they close on their townhouse. The kids have loved playing with them. They've also gotten to go out to eat at McDonald's with them and done their nails together. Pictured below is the beautiful hair-do the girls gave Aunt Camy using all of their barretts. Isn't she cute! Lydia just looked at this picture and laughed. She said, "Camy pretty. Her silly. Her needs to come over here."

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