Friday, July 21, 2006


I know we haven't posted in a while but I just thought that I would drop a line because of our adventure yesterday. After Glenn got out of work we headed to Geneva because we needed diapers and wipes and the church needed more cups for VBS. We wandered around BJs for a while because it is a fun place to wander. I looked for diapers and found an endcap of diapers on clearance. They were Pampers - 204 diapers for $22. That is less than 11 cents a diaper - very exciting to this mother of 2 in diapers! I grabbed Glenn and dragged him over. I was planning on buying the cheap Berkley and Jensen brand but they were more expensive. The funny thing is that in the next aisle there were the same Pampers Dry Baby diapers 180 for $35. I was very excited. I guess BJs was just trying to get rid of the larger sized packages of diapers to make room for the smaller packages that Pampers had sent them. Whatever the reason it made this mom happy. After much discussion we decided to buy them out - 6 cases - 1224 diapers, what, are we crazy?? I am sure that we must have looked funny - 3 kids in the little car thing made for 2 on the cart, baby on my hip and 6 cases of diapers, I know I got a kick out of it. We finally had to kick the kids out of their little car so we had space to put the wipes and cups and other things we found there. So, we have tons of diapers, I just hope that the cute Sesame street characters don't convince Lydia to give up on potty training. :o)

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  1. Hi all, I am jealous!! I would love to have a deal like that!!! :-) Those are always the fun shopping trips.


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